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    Bubba Kush

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    Bubba Kush is known for its tranquilizing effects. Sweet with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee come through in its earthy, sweet and pungent aromas.  Offers head to toe muscle ease with powerful relaxation and heaviness that crushes stress and encourages happy moods.

    Indica dominant marijuana strains tend to have a strong sweet or sour odor and provide a very relaxing and strong body high that can help relieve general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders (to name a few).  Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and are often used to treat insomnia for many people. Medical marijuana patients most commonly consume indica buds in the late evening before bed. Many of people have found that it makes them feel sleepy and tired – great for a good night’s sleep!

    Benefits of Indica:

    Relieves anxiety or stress, relaxes muscles, relieves spasms, reduces seizures, relieves headaches and migraines, relieves body pain.

    Product comes in a small sealed bag.


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    *our flower has been tested for THC levels

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