Membership Info

Membership is required in order to make a purchase at Tamarack Dispensaries. There are two levels of membership.  The cost of membership is $26.25 ($25 + GST).  See membership forms (link) for required documents and application forms.

Apply For Membership Online Now!  Apply For Membership By Email/Fax
  • Full membership entitles the member to purchase any items we carry.  Full memberships require a medical referral, photo ID and the membership application to be completed.
  • Cream Only memberships are available to individuals wishing to purchase only topical creams, salves, lip balms, bath bombs etc.  This does not allow the member to purchase edibles or other cannabis products.  Cream only memberships require the applicant to complete the membership application only.  

Why do we charge for membership? 

The time it takes to process a membership application can vary depending on how easily verified the medical referral is.  We verify all referrals for legitimacy.  Often we are waiting for call backs on inquiries, and this may involve handling an individual’s application numerous times.  We also offer a full-color ID card with your photo and membership number on it; this is professional looking and not cheap to produce.

The net proceeds from the membership fees are then donated to local charities within our community whose primary focus is on youth programs, leadership development or community enhancement.  We believe in giving back to the community and wish to invest in education and leadership programs for our valued young people, recognition of veterans, and supporting community-based initiatives.