Our Services

We offer a varying array of edibles for your medicinal treatment.  This can include brownies, cookies of varying flavours and strengths, medicated olive oils, medicated candies and other treats, as well as baked goods.

We offer “canna-budder”, to enable you to make your own baked goods and if you purchase your raw plant material from us we will custom blend your budder to your personal taste.

We offer a number of lines of marijuana creams (in store only) that are infused with essential oils or other medicinal herbs as well as cannabis extracts.  Online we only carry the MJ Creams line of Pain, Heat, Calm, Skin and Pure (which contains no added scents or oils and is recommended for those with sensitive skin or sensitivity to smells).  This line also offers marijuana infused salves and a lip balm (great for treating cold sores, sunburn, chapped lips and blisters and easily portable for minor cuts and scrapes) as well as bath salts.

We carry infused oils that can be either ingested or applied topically as well as a tincture which facilitates immediate absorption into the system by spraying/dripping it under the tongue. 

We carry no smoking accessories.  There are shops in the community that sell smoking paraphernalia and we prefer to promote products which are not readily available in other stores.

We carry a varying supply of sativa, indica and hybrid strains for your inhalation and vaping needs and for our budder making processes. 

WE CARE about our customers, that's why Veterans receive a permanent 20% discount. And it's always Senior's Day the last Wednesday of every month with 20% savings (available both in store and online). 

We are committed to providing the best possible customer service experience as we aim to provide information, education and medication.  Our goal is to ensure that our members receive the best product to meet and treat their medical condition.  We aim to help you make the most informed choice as to your treatment options.  Medical marijuana may not work for everyone, and we make no claims as to the effectiveness of a certain product for your medical condition.  Use with caution and always remember, start slow; the effects of edibles require more time to take effect than when absorbed by inhalation. Have patience and increase dosage once you know the product’s effects.